For minor maintenance or repairs, please use our Email at If you are seeking a full restoration, please continue. We will need some basic information from you regarding the current condition of your vehicle and your vision/goals for the finished product. The more information you can provide, the more accurate the estimate will be. Also, keep in mind that this is a preliminary estimate only. As we disassemble and inspect your vehicle, there are usually several opportunities for upgrades along the way. We will continually present you with options for your restoration throughout the process. For an even more accurate estimate, feel free to email pictures or stop by the shop.

Below are descriptions of the general aspects of a complete restoration. If any areas do not apply to your vehicle, simply type N/A for that category.

Overall - Tell us the basics about your car. Is it driveable? How long have you owned it? Do you want a stock restoration or something custom? What is your overall goal for how you'd like the vehicle to turn out? Will it be a drag car, show car, or weekend cruiser?

Paint - Describe the current condition of the paint, what you'd like done, and any special details (such as pinstriping, metal flake, 2-tone, 3-stage, etc).

Body - Describe the current state of the body. Are there any missing parts or trim items? Is all the glass intact? How much rust is there overall and what are the locations of severe rust? Are there any dings, dents, or other damage? Are the trunk, doors, and hood aligned properly? How would you like it to turn out when finished?

Chrome - What is the current overall state of the chrome on the vehicle? Is it old and pitted? Would you like parts rechromed or left as is?

Interior - What condition is the interior in? How is the carpet, headliner, dash, upholstery, and door panels?

Again - are you looking for a stock restoration or custom? Would you like to add racing seats or a billet steering wheel?

Engine - What is the current state of the engine? Does it start and run? Do you want it cleaned/painted, rebuilt, or completely replaced?

Transmission - Automatic or manual? Kept as-is, rebuilt, replaced, or modified?

Brakes - Are there any issues we should know about concerning the brakes? Will you need pad/shoe replacement? Perhaps a power and/or disc brake conversion?

Fuel System - Will the fuel system require any repairs or upgrades? What would you like to have done?

Electrical - Are there any electrical issues with the vehicle? Will it require rewiring or the addition of any custom components such as power windows or a stereo system?

Suspension - What is the general condition of the suspension components? Do you have a brand/model preference for particular upgrades you'd like to have done?

Cooling - Are there any issues or leaks pertaining to the vehicle's cooling system? Would you like to upgrade the radiator, install electric cooling fans, replace the thermostat, etc?

Exhaust - Would you like the exhaust system upgraded? If you're looking for a reasonably quiet ride when at idle or cruising, but prefer an agressive tone at wide open throttle, we recommend Hooker Maximum Flow mufflers.


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There Is No Modern Guides Like Kelly Blue Book. The Best Way For Us To Give You An Accurate Estimate Is For You To Bring Your Car Into The Shop For Us To See In Person. So Feel Free To Give Us A Call And Set Up An Appointment.



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