Ray N.

With the deepest passion imaginable, Ray is a fiend for high RPM's and massive amounts of horsepower. This and his love for a classic vehicles create an amazing atmosphere in his shop. His aspirations to keep these precious vehicles on the road earn the admiration of other vehicle lovers. His restored vehicles attract many eyes and spark the interests of other enthusiasts and potential enthusiasts.
Highly advanced in his knowledge of these vehicle's systems and of how how they operate, Ray will take on just about any challenge given and overcome it with patients and precision. He is always happy to help.

Jim J.

My drive to work on classics has taken me on a wild ride over the last 30 years. I have done some of the most amazing work on Corvettes, Mustangs and all kinds of unique custom cars. Other than spending some time out in the desert, or at the river on a boat, I spend all my time working on anything I can, from every day drivers, to frame off show cars. Decades under my belt, and I’m only getting started.

Mike S.

I always enjoyed working with cars, even from a young age. I got into the racing scene early on, and had a hand in the Trans Am team, the Lions Team, Baja 1000, Baha 500, and Vintage Nascar. Even though I enjoyed every second of working with the teams, I got tired of moving around a lot and all the travel time. These days I like being able to work on the classics during the day and having the opportunity to go home each night.


Fabricator / Painter
My interest in working with classic cars started with the challenge, unlike new cars that have a “cookie cutter” feel to them, the classics are unique and one of a kind. Even with two of the same classics next to each other there will be many differences, and that’s what I truly enjoy, every car is different. When I am not at the shop building the next something unique, you can find me out racing, as the pit crew for my sons motocross, or watching him ride.


Body assistant
From a young age I had a passion for the classics, I remember being in my father’s auto shop and seeing all the unique cars that he worked on. It was then that I knew I would be working on the wonderful world of cars today. My work is half a dream come true, and half an adventure. Each time I see a car drive away that I work on I feel a deep sense of gratification knowing I helped to make that happen. To me each car is a fine work of art, and I love to be a part of bringing them back to life. The classics have always, and will always be a passion for me.


1025 North Santiago Street,

Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone. 9496454065